About Yvette

Change your thoughts change your life

I help my client discover where they want to go by helping them get there.

I listen intensively to what my client is saying as it is about reflecting with my client back to their inner passions, values, priotities, talents and obstacles in a clear, objective and non-judgemental manner.

I keep my client on track to stay focused until they reach their achievable goals.

I will bring light on the changes you need to make in achieving your life goals.

Having a lifecoach is the beginning of a personal journey of self discovery and the search for higher self and meaning.

It is a invitation to follow your dreams, and bring more joy, vitality and abundance into your life.

Your privacy and confidentiality are a priority.

 All my private coaching is carried out in a non-judgemental, ethical and confidential manner, with an overall emphasis on your privacy and personal development.